About Sole Remedy

Sole Remedy is a UK based company committed to helping people with foot care needs. We provide consumers with foot care products and the education they need to look after their feet. We are dedicated to providing you with a variety of high quality products specific to your foot care and medical requirements.

Diabetic Foot-Box

Helping Diabetics

Just one of the areas we focus on is Diabetes and associated foot conditions. We truly believe that Sole Remedy can play a major role in helping to reduce the devastating impact of diabetes related foot disease with our range of products and guidance.

Ellie Hayman, Founder

My name is Ellie Hayman, Podiatrist and founder of Sole Remedy Ltd. In 2017, I qualified as a Podiatrist at Brighton University and began working for the NHS. During my career, I have treated a multitude of conditions affecting patients including children, diabetics and amputees with my specialist areas being wound care.

I am passionate about helping people care for their feet and promoting general health and wellbeing. By preventing foot problems, this will ultimately give people living with or without medical conditions, a better quality of life and the knowledge of how important our feet are.

My passion and vast experience have motivated me to provide people with a variety of foot care products and unique foot care boxes designed specifically to their target audience.

I am excited to continue growing as a business and expand the range of foot care products in the future.

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