Sole Remedy Foot Inspection Mirror




Inspecting your feet on a daily basis is so important for people with diabetes, particularly if loss of sensation (neuropathy) is involved. This convenient and easy to use adjustable mirror is suitable for anyone who wants to check their feet. This is particularly useful for those who struggle to reach their feet.

Diabetes can cause your feet to become more susceptible to dry and cracked skin. If left untreated, the cracked skin can lead to open sores on your feet. This combined with peripheral neuropathy would mean that you might not feel any associated pain. Likewise, blisters caused by ill-fitting shoes or a small stone in your shoe may also contribute to causing an ulcer which can quickly deteriorate or become infected. Therefore, the importance of checking your feet daily for any damage, including in between your toes is vital.

  • Size: 25cm x 18cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Polyurethane leather
Directions for use:

Open up the mirror, lining up the raised material with the bottom edge of the mirror. Place on a flat surface on the floor and remove shoes and socks. Point the bottom of your foot towards the mirror until you get the correct angle and can view the sole of your foot. Repeat on the other side.

If you notice any problems you are concerned about, seek medical advice.


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