Ink Foot Print Kit


  • Mess free
  • Non toxic
  • 2 print cards included
  • Suitable from newborn
  • Memorable gift / keepsake


This baby ink footprint kit is a convenient and mess-free way to create a keepsake of your baby’s tiny feet without having to touch ink. The kit comes complete with a pre-inked pad and cards that reacts to the pressure of your baby’s foot, leaving behind a detailed footprint.

Capture a moment in time and create a lasting memory of your baby’s infancy. Celebrate their arrival and create a lasting sentimental memory for the following reasons:

  1. As a keepsake: Ink prints of a baby’s feet can serve as a tangible reminder of how small and precious their baby was during the early months of their life.
  2. To mark a milestone: They can mark a special occasion, such as a baby’s first birthday or the arrival of a new sibling.
  3. To share with family and friends: They can be shared with family and friends as a way to announce the baby’s arrival or as a thoughtful gift.
  4. To create a family tradition: They can become a beloved family tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

Follow these simple steps when using non-touch baby ink footprint kit:

  • Remove all packaging.
  • Open the ink pad and position the card underneath, ensuring that the ink pad is turned over as per the warning.
  • Carefully place your baby’s foot over the top of the ink pad and press down hard for between 30 and 60 seconds (your baby’s footprint does not come into direct contact with the ink, only the plastic).
  • Gently release your baby’s foot from the ink pad.
  • Your ink pad can be used 2-3 times so if your first attempt fails, try again using the second imprint card.
  • Helpful tip: – Try using while your baby is sleeping.
  • Consider framing to preserve and display your memorable keepsake.

Contents: 1 x ink pad including 2 imprint cards

Measurements: Outer size is 12.5cm x 8cm, inner size is x 5.7cm. Suitable from 0-6 months.


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