Moisturising Travel Foot Care Bundle


Contains travel sized foot care products.


  • Dermatonics manuka honey heel balm – 60ml
  • Mini shoe horn
  • Travel sized foot file


  • Heel balm contains manuka honey and designed to inject moisture back into the skin
  • In line with government hand luggage liquid travel restrictions
  • Allows you to maintain good foot care while travelling


Our travel sized foot care bundle comes complete with all the necessary items required to maintain good foot care. If travelling, this bundle contains conveniently sized products and is perfect for your daily foot care needs.


  • Dermatonics Manuka Honey Heel Balm – 60ml.

Containing New Zealand Manuka Honey, this highly absorbing and hydrating cream is ideal for treatment of dry or hard skin on your feet and smells incredible. This travel sized product is suitable for diabetics and is vegetarian friendly.

  • Sole Remedy Foot File

This easy to use foot file makes it easy to file down any hard or dry skin or on the soles of your feet. With abrasive pads either side, this hard wearing tool is perfect for helping maintain optimum condition of your feet. With its attractive design in the shape of a foot, this product is durable and easy to use.

Size: Small / Colour: Green

  • Travel Shoe Horn

This simple and elegant mini travel sized shoe horn is ideal for carrying around with you and fits easily inside a bag or even your pocket. Our plastic shoe horn allows you to easily and conveniently put your shoes on wherever you are and protects your shoes from any damage.

Size: Small / Colour: Black


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